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Integrate The Flink OTT Client SDK With Clappr

Web SDK Integration

There is no change or update in your player required. The Flink OTT Client SDK automatically adapts to your player setup without changing the way it works. To integrate the Flink OTT Client SDK into your web application, navigate to your swarm's settings page.

Flink OTT - Swarms Integration

In the Integration panel, you see a short HTML code snippet that you need to integrate into your website or web application to load and activate the swarm for your stream.

Please note: It is crucial to load the swarm integration code as early as possible on your website before loading the Clappr player SDK. Therefore, please try to move the swarm integration code up as much as possible in your website's <head> section.

    <!-- Integrate Flink OTT Client SDK -->
    <script src="[YOUR_STREAM_TOKEN]"></script>
    <!-- Integrate Clappr Player -->


Next Steps

The next step is to verify your SDK integration 🔗.