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Verify Your Infrastructure And Swarm Configuration

To verify that Steps 1 - 3 have been completed successfully, you can now apply the swarm to one of your live streams in a sandbox. Strive provides an extensive sandbox environment that you can use to try out Flink OTT in combination with your HLS or DASH based live video stream.

Flink OTT - Sandbox Verification

Flink OTT - Sandbox Configuration Panel
  • The player panel contains an HTML5 player of your choice (see configuration panel) that plays your live HLS stream.
  • The traffic panel show a graph that visualizes the distribution of traffic sources (CDN and Peer-To-Peer). When starting your live stream, CDN traffic will be generated. As soon as more than one person is watching the stream at the same time, traffic will be split between CDN and Peer-To-Peer.
  • The statistics panel shows real-time measurements about the current and total CDN savings, number of peers and bandwidth information.
  • The configuration panel enables you to choose from a list of HTML5 players, try out different stream resources and connect your Flink OTT swarm to the stream. If applicable, you can also put in a player license key to test your preconfigured video player.
  • The validation panel runs some crucial tests to verify that your origin/CDN setup meets all requirements 🔗 for Flink OTT to work.
  • The debug panel contains a log console for further investigation in case of problems with a given HLS URL.

Flink OTT - Sandbox New Instance Button

If all tests in the validation panel succeed and if you can generate P2P traffic after clicking Open New Instance in the top bar, you successfully validated your origin / CDN configuration.

Next Steps

The next step is to integrate the Flink OTT Client SDK 🔗.