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Managing Your Swarms

Flink OTT - Swarms Page


Data Field Description
Enabled Select true to make the swarm active when it is loaded. A disabled swarm will not load any swarm configuration and therefore never activate itself in your web application.
Name An arbitrary name that you can choose for internal referencing.
Config The swarm config you would like to attach to the swarm.


In the Integration panel, you see a short HTML code snippet that you need to integrate into your website or web application to load and activate the swarm for your stream.

Please note: It is crucial to load the swarm integration code as early as possible on your website. Therefore, please try to move the swarm integration code up as much as possible in your website's <head> section. Also, make sure the swarm activation code is loaded before your HTML5 web player is loaded and/or initialized.

Create A Demo From Your Swarm

By clicking on the Demo button, you can enter an HLS Video-Playlist that you want to optimize with your swarm.

Flink OTT - Swarms Demo Page

After clicking Open, you will be redirected to a website that contains only a video player. When starting the player either in multiple tabs or on multiple devices, you should be able to see the proper statistics in the reporting dashboard 🔗.

Please Note: To see instant results, please select Now in your reporting's time range selector.