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Hey! 👋 We are Strive!

Strive is a leading technology provider for OTT broadcasters and live streaming companies. Our technology "Flink" is used by broadcasting companies around the world to overcome the challenge of reliable and scalable live video streaming infrastructure. To achieve this goal, Flink builds a distributed delivery network between connected devices that are streaming video content at the same time. This Peer-To-Peer network is then used to share video content between all viewers and build an ad- hoc video delivery network with unlimited scale and capacity. To keep control of this network, Flink comes with a centralized network management service. This cloud-service architecture dynamically connects devices based on network and bandwidth information. It then instructs peers to deliver data to each other, creating a zero-overhead, zero-delay delivery network on top of any existing (multi) CDN infrastructure.

With METRIX, Strive has built a highly scalable real-time video analytics ecosystem. METRIX can collect client data from over 1 million concurrent users and provide deep insights into QoE metrics with a maximum delay of 5 seconds. METRIX runs in the cloud and can be completely hosted on-premise in your own cloud or local server infrastructure.